Free bill of sale for Property

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You can use this Bill of Sale Property template for your business purposes:

  1. Download the Bill of Sale Property template to your computer.
  2. Edit your details
  3. Now you can print the document or send it by mail

PDF format Download here

Here you can see the content of the page:

1. , Seller(s), hereby sell(s) the goods described in
paragraph 2 to ,Buyer(s).
2. The goods being sold under this bill of sale (Goods) are:
3. The full purchase price for Goods is $__________. In exchange for Goods, Buyer(s) has/have
paid Seller(s) (choose one):
___ the full purchase price.
___ $_____________ as a down payment, balance due in _____________ days.
___ $_____________ as a down payment and has/have executed a promissory note for the
balance of the purchase price.
4. Seller(s) warrant(s) that Seller(s) is/are the legal owner(s) of Goods and that Goods are free of all
liens and encumbrances except
Seller(s) agree(s) to remove ant lien or encumbrance specified in this clause with the proceeds of this
sale within _____ days of the date of the bill of sale.
5. Seller(s) believe(s) Goods to be in good condition except for the following defects:
6. Other than the warranty of ownership in Clause 4 and the representations in Clause 5, seller(s)
make(s) no express warranties. The Buyer(s) take(s) all goods as is. Seller(s) hereby disclaim(s)
the implied warranty of merchantability and all other implied warranties which may apply to the extent
that such disclaims are permitted in the state having jurisdiction over this bill of sale.
7. Goods shall be delivered to Buyer(s) in the following manner (choose one and fill in information if
Box b or c is checked):
___ a. Buyer shall take immediate possession of Goods.
___ b. Buyer(s) assume(s) responsibility for picking up goods from _________________within
_______ days.
___ c. In exchange for an additional delivery charge of $_________, receipt of which is hereby
acknowledged, Seller(s) will deliver Goods within _________ days to the following location:
8. Additional terms of sale for Goods are as follows: ______________________________________
____________________________ ___________________________
Date Seller(s) Signed Date Buyer(s) Signed
____________________________ ____________________________
Signature of Seller Signature of Buyer
____________________________ ____________________________
Signature of Buyer
Address of Seller
Signature of Seller
Address of Seller

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