Free bill of sale for motorcycle

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You can use this Bill of Sale motorcycle template for your business purposes:

  1. Download the Bill of Sale motorcycle template to your computer.
  2. Edit your details
  3. Now you can print the document or send it by mail

PDF format Download here

Here you can see the content of the page:

Motorcycle Bill of Sale
I, (name:)_______________________________________ of
(city:)______________________________, (state:)______,
hereby certify that I am the lawful owner of this vehicle:
Year ___________
Make __________________________________________
Model __________________________________________
Color __________________________________________
VIN# __________________________________________
and have the authority to sell it. I hereby acknowledge the receipt of
$___________ in the form of _____________, from (Buyer’s name:)
__________________________________________, as full payment for
the purchase of the said vehicle, which is sold “AS IS”. I hereby state that
the mileage of the vehicle at the time of sale is ______________.
I do hereby grant, sell and transfer full ownership of this vehicle to the
buyer. I certify that this vehicle, at the time of sale, is free from all
encumbrances, taxes, fees and liens except as those specified on the Title
or listed below; and that, I (Seller) will defend and be held fully
responsible for such lawful claims and demands with respect to the
vehicle, if any.
Buyer accepts full liability for the vehicle, damages, and any third party
liability incurred from the vehicle use from the date of sale.
Seller’s Signature
Buyer’s Signature

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