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You can use this Bill of Sale horse template for your business purposes:

  1. Download the Bill of Sale boat template to your computer.
  2. Edit your details
  3. Now you can print the document or send it by mail

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Here you can see the content of the page:

Bill of Sale – Horse

THIS AGREEMENT is made this __________ day of _________,
20___, by and between ____________________________________, residing at
hereinafter referred to as Buyer, and
______________________________________________, residing at
hereinafter referred to as Seller.
The parties hereby ACKNOWLEDGE that this AGREEMENT is made for the
purchase and sale of a horse, described as follows in paragraph A below,
on the following terms and conditions as set forth herein.
NOW THEREFORE, for good and valuable consideration, receipt of which
the parties hereby acknowledge, the parties AGREE AS FOLLOWS:
A. Description of Horse
Name: ___________________________________
Age: ____________________________________
Color: __________________________________
Breed: __________________________________
Sex: ____________________________________
Tatoo (if applicable): __________________
Size: _______________________
B. Consideration
In consideration of the total sum of $____________________
(______________________________________), SELLER agrees to sell and BUYER
agrees to buy the said horse described hereinabove in paragraph A on the
terms and conditions further set forth herein
C. Payment Terms
The purchase is for cash and BUYER agrees to pay $_____________
As deposit on the ___________ day of _____________, 20 ______; and, BUYER
further agrees to pay the balance due of $________________
on or before the ___________ day of ______________, 20 _______.
D. Registration and Ownership Transfers
Upon confirmation of payment in full as set forth in paragraph C above,
SELLER agrees to promptly execute all necessary papers and to take all
necessary steps to transfer ownership and registration of the animal to
BUYER at no cost to the BUYER.
E. Warranties
(1) SELLER warrants s/he has clear title to said horse;
(2) SELLER makes no other warranties, express or implied, including
the warranties of fitness for a particular purpose except as may be
otherwise provided for in this AGREEMENT;
(3) SELLER warrants the following:
(4) BUYER warrants that BUYER has had the option to review the
condition and health of the horse, including any veterinarian examinations,
at BUYER’s expense. In the event BUYER has the horse examined by a
licensed veterinarian as indicated in this paragraph E(4), then that
veterinarian examination shall be attached hereto as Exhibit A.
(5) In the event said horse shall not meet any of the above warranties
at the time of delivery, provided same is discovered within _____________
days from the date of delivery to BUYER, SELLER agrees to do the
F. Risk of Loss
(1) Pending delivery to Buyer, which delivery shall be memorialized by
BUYER’s signature on a receipt for delivery, SELLER shall assume the risk
of loss of said horse, and upon receipted delivery to BUYER, BUYER shall
assume the risk of loss.
(2) In the event of the loss of the horse prior to receipted delivery
to BUYER, SELLER shall return to BUYER any deposit paid by BUYER.
G. Default – Upon material breach of this AGREEMENT by one party the
other party shall have the option to terminate same.
On any breach, the other party shall have the right to recover expenses
and costs within the parameters of paragraph I, below.
H. Law
This AGREEMENT shall be governed by the laws of the State of
I. Entire Agreement
This AGREEMENT constitutes the entire AGREEMENT between the parties.
Any modifications or additions must be in writing and signed by all parties
to this AGREEMENT. No oral modifications will be considered part of this
AGREEMENT unless reduced to writing and signed by all parties before a
notary. Executed on the date first set forth hereinabove at
__________________________________ (State).
____________________________ _________________________
____________________________ _________________________
Address Address
____________________________ _________________________
____________________________ _________________________

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